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We are the best full-service Process Server firm in Los Angeles

Process Server Express has more than 10 years of experiences in this feild and we have served more than 10,000 cases. Every case is very important to us and we always take care our client very seriously. We have 98% of happy clients.


We are Process Server Express. We served it the right way the first time to avoid any problem. Our staff is professional trained to handle the most difficult task in the legal transaction. We know how important its to get your paper to the right person at the right time. We want to be your partner for life!

Professional trained Staff

More than 20 Trained Experience register process server to serve the document to your client on-time at the price that you can afford. Our process server passes through all the background check and has first-hand knowledge in due process law. They can serve your legal paper in the most professional and efficient. Serve it the right way the first time. Why risk you legal matter with unprofessional process server. We are here as your partner to help you succeed. 

Professional serve at affordable price

We know its important that our client sometimes needs quick filing or document serve to help them beat the deadline at an affordable price. We are here to give a full service of filing, Legal document retrieval, Document recording. Stake-out Service, Skip-trace to help with their legal transaction.   We know its important that one-stop service help can benefit everyone. 

Guarantee to serve on all attempts

Guarantee to go out to serve with all 3 attempts. We are confident that every legal document is served in the most professional and accurate. We understand that every legal paper is important and it needs to get serve the right way. We assure our customer that every paper will get service within the time limit. 

Why we are the best

Establish for more than 10 years in the process server industry. We use the most advanced technology to help our process server work in the most efficient and accurate. We know how legal document is so important to every case. We will take monitor every case as is our own matter and take it to the next service level that will help our client succeed. Don’t take chance in destroying your case. Do it the right way the first time. 

Low price and Professional

We understand long terms relationship. We set our price where our client can afford. We also offer 24 hours serve service for less price. We know time is important to make a difference in either win or lose the case. We have a package that can satisfy your needs, We also offer filing and document retrieval service. Don’t lose hope. We are here to help you get your document to serve Fast !!

Fast Response and Accuracy

Fast response time with accuracy by using the latest technology.We develop software to help protect our client from fraudulent process service, increase service speed, and give access to our client of real time serve. We use our mobile app, sending service data to you in real time with photo, GPS and all the file



How Do I serve a complaint and summons to CT Corporation System Or National Registered Agent?


Process Server Express works with CT Corporation System for more than seven years, and we know how to serve CT corporation system the right way. We are specializing in serving CT corporation system and we are the best in the industry. Our service is fast and affordable.  CT Corporation System is registered agent located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles at 818 W. 7th Street, Rm # 930, Los Angeles, Ca 90017.  We serve Summons and complaint, Civil lawsuit, deposition subpoenas, civil subpoena duces tecum, notice to consumers, small claims SC-100 and all other document.

5 reason to choose Process server express over other process server companies to serve CT Corporation System


  1. It’s only two Street away from our location to CT Corporation System. Most companies add mileage charge to the distance, but we are not.
  2. Fast, Reliable, and affordable. We serve CT Corporation System on a daily routine and help get cost lower than our competitor.
  3. Experience Process server that works with CT corporation system for more than 7 years.
  4. Knew staff and management team from CT Corporation system like one of the family
  5. Same Day services available with competitive price


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Warren Sapp got served by Process server express

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Process server process is very important in a legal transaction. It can cause you a big problem. if you use a wrong process server.
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Process server express is one of the reputation process server company in Los Angeles. We serve thousands of case to individual, corporate and government agency for more than 10 years. We love what we do and we are the best at it. Our company uses the most advanced GPS systems to monitor every server to avoid location skip or inconsistent serving. Let us by your process server partner to help grow your business.